PGRI is Ready to Collaborate with IntegraOffice Cloud

iOC – After the IntegraOffice training takes place, in the next week the grand launch of the IntegraOffice Cloud (iOC) application will be officially used by PGRI’s top management throughout Indonesia. This time, PGRI is ready to go hand in hand in collaboration with this well-known flagship application from Surabaya, for the smooth process of digital correspondence, of course, supported by the sophistication of Android support for easier access by mobile.

IntegraOffice Cloud is indeed suitable for use by educational staff and directors, such as universities, as well as several academic institutions that have joined for a long time to trust iOC for a smooth work process. It has been tested by more than fifty well-known universities in all big cities and beyond the reach of islands in Indonesia who rely on iOC as their daily work partner.
In 2021, it is time for the PGRI Executive Board, who is ready to collaborate with the iOC application, after being enthusiastic about the online training provided by experts from PT Integra Teknologi Solusi, they don’t want to linger for long, PGRI’s national board is enthusiastic and can’t wait to get access immediately.

After the training event took place, which was also attended by the general chairman of the PGRI Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M. Pd in ​​Jakarta, respectfully and proudly the IntegraOffice Team thank you for your time and presence and also the welcome by him for trusting the iOC application as their working medium. Other members of the board of directors were also present and took the time to join this training. “Yes, I hope that after this training it will still be easy to collaborate with the IntegraOffice cloud.” said Iwan Nugraha Ivanto as the Head of Production for the integraOffice Cloud application who developed with his solid team to provide the best service for PGRI.


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